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We have a suite of smart products in development that we know will transform the finance sector. Our products are innovative and secure but most importantly they deliver efficiency and value. We are here to move the finance industry forward, at pace.


Smart refinancing for your
Self Managed Super Fund

We can offer extremely competitive refinance rates and rapid loan processing to SMSF members.

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Rapid loan application processing & approvals

Our streamlined process is 100% online. No paper? No worries. We end the pain that banks put on SMFS and pride ourselves on our effortless customer experience.

Offset account capabilities for your SMSF loan

Offset accounts area a game-changing capability in SMSF finance. They help you pay less interest, which means more funds for your super when you retire.

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Property Insurance to protect the asset that is securing your future

An SMSF loan can be making a huge contribution to your financial future. So it needs to be protected. That’s why we offer property insurance with all our loans. 

SMSF Property Refinance Principle & Interest + Offset

SMSF Property Refinance Interest Only + Offset

SMSF Property Insurance

Refinance now

Our refinance application process is just four simple steps. Get an answer in minutes and start saving now.

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A smart platform to deliver
value directly to your clients

Our management tool delivers insights to you and competitive refinancing options for clients.

Canni empowers you to deliver savings to your clients with SMSF accounts.

Our software and technology enables you to connect your clients with Canni’s innovative SMSF products that will help them save more money for their retirement. The referrals are seamless and secure.

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Our refinance application process is just four simple steps. Get an answer in minutes and start saving now.

Plus a pipeline of smart products coming soon

We have a suite of intelligent and innovative products in development that will empower you to be Smart with Money.

SME Property Finance

Coming soon

SME Asset Finance

Coming soon

SME Receivables Finance

Coming soon

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