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About Canni products

Canni Money is led by a team with extensive experience. Their experience spans finance, insurance, technology, data analytics and digital experience is allowing Canni to create new and improved ways to access finance and insurance products.

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Our vision

We’re removing inefficiencies by developing smart, secure and user-friendly ways to access finance and insurance products – providing better results for all. Customers have had cumbersome processes imposed on them for far too long. You deserve a 21st century experience and our mission is to give that to you.

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We create financial products that utilise
data and technology to deliver value

We have a suite of smart products in development that we know will transform the way people access finance and insurance products. Our products are innovative and secure but most importantly they deliver efficiency and value to you and your clients.


Smart Refinancing for your Self Managed Super Fund

For accountants & Firms

A Smart Platform to deliver value direct to your clients

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